On… food?

Yeah, this entry is pretty superfluous.  I was going to write about the “Taste of Northern Cincinnati” event we went to a few weekends ago, where we stuffed ourselves silly with some of the ‘burbs most delicious foods.  As awesome as it was, I didn’t think it deserved its own post – especially on the heels of the dozen other posts I’m throwing out there quickly to catch up from the second half of March.

The girls decorating cupcakes at the ToNC event.

Then I thought about writing an entry about our recent lunch dates with Kyle (still love, by the way, that we can do that occasionally and haven’t forgotten when it was just a pipe dream!)… especially about our dates to the new Firehouse Subs restaurant that rocks my socks off.  And has a Freestyle Coke Machine, that would knock my socks off if they weren’t already knocked off by the aforementioned food.

But I decided that, unless I had posted it more in real time (a reason to start tweeting, perhaps?) that didn’t really seem entry-worthy either.

Until I saw this picture, and everything changed.

You’re welcome.


  1. Too cute. And yes please to the tweeting 🙂