Spring Tag Sale Report

I know you all were just waiting with great anticipation for the findings at this Spring’s WCMOTC Tag Sale, right?


You weren’t?  Yeah, well I’m going to share anyway.  It actually wasn’t even as great a jackpot as in previous years (what with the wagon, roller coaster, etc), but I did get a few things that are photo worthy.

First, and this one will have to wait for Easter…. I got the girls adorable pink and purple Radio Flyer tricycles!  We are so excited for Spring to come back (to stay? please?) so we can walk up and down the sidewalk with the girls as they figure out how to ride them.  I’m quite sure it will be too cute for words, and that pictures will have to suffice – then.  Sorry for the teaser!

For now though, check out the super cute Little People castle playset I got.  There are adorable little interactive features, my favorite of which is the platform that moves along the base, twirling the prince and princess around as they dance to favorite royal tunes.  So fun!

Elise and Avery think so, too.


  1. How fun! Can’t wait to see the pictures with the tricycles.