Happy Birthday, Sunnie and Brinkli!

On Saturday, Elise, Avery, Kyle and I got to celebrate the birthdays of my dear friend Sara’s sweet little girls.  Sara was my cheerleading coach in high school, and in 2004 I started coaching alongside of her – and we’ve grown closer since.  I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful, godly, beautiful example of a wife and mother in Sara… and her precious girls are following in her footsteps!

Sara and her family love Disney and WDW as much as our family (no, seriously!), so it was no surprise that the themes of the party were Winnie the Pooh and Tangled.  Elise and Avery were ecstatic, and really enjoyed the crafts, activities, movie, and cake.  Especially the cake, says Avery.

I think – think – they enjoyed having their Dada at this one, too.

As always, more pictures – of this and the zoo outing – in Picasa!