DFDs 2.9 and 2.10

Don’t be confused by the exact same shirts and equally messy hair in all of these pictures.  (Seriously, huh?  Don’t Elise and Avery have more clothes?  Doesn’t their mother ever brush their hair?)  The following recaps are from two separate DFDs, at least a week apart.  I swear.  In case you’re curious, you’ll know the difference from the bags under everyone’s eyes from today’s party, thanks to last night’s tornado warning.

First up was Cinderella!

We started by coloring beautiful, extremely colorful versions of the starring princess.

Then we played (several rounds of) a “Slipper Hunt” game that the girls really enjoyed.

Dinner was a Royal Feast (hey, I was in the middle of a four-day migraine — go with it!), topped off with yummy Strawberry Soup!

Today, we went for an equally classic but non-princess flick, Lady and the Tramp.  It was another Elise and Avery have watched half a dozen times, but we chose it because of the super fun crafts (yarn spaghetti) and activities (face-paint puppies) we could do.  You know, the ones we didn’t do.  Thanks to the aforementioned tornado warning and incredibly sleepless night.  (Seriously, the girls fell asleep in 7 minutes tonight.  If you know them, you can now imagine my day.)

Instead, we made and devoured Puppy Chow for a snack, and settled in under blankets on the couch to watch the movie.

Dinner was, as if I even have to tell you, Spaghetti & Meatballs – with Luigi’s Italian Ice for dessert.  Score!  Easiest. DFD Dinner. Ever.

Elise and Avery got to color on the table, so they thought it was a pretty cool day.

In case anyone is (still) keeping track, we have one (1!) party left.  You know, because we leave in less that two weeks.  And you know WE’RE keeping track!