Now we’re ready!

These came in the mail today for Elise and Avery, so that the fireworks at WDW won’t be so loud:

Of course now, despite LOVING them (her words), Avery is afraid of the headphones.  And of toenail polish.

She is a strange, strange girl.  And to be perfectly honest, she makes some parenting moments simultaneously very tough, very heartbreaking, and very funny.



  1. Do they fit her well? I need to get Alex a set of these for our October trip. Some reviews say they are too tight…but for 10 minutes of wear I don’t think it’d be too much of an issue.

  2. Chanon, I put them on my head without any trouble! 🙂 Admittedly they didn’t get quite long enough to cover the my ears with a complete seal, but then again they aren’t intended for adults 🙂 The width/tightness was definitely not a problem, though. I’ve heard mostly rave reviews, and think the fit should be ok!

  3. Cool, thanks! We found these through a safety site but with Swagbucks these would be free.

  4. So…not like you’re sorting through 3000 pictures or anything 🙂 but did they work well for the girls?

  5. Hey, I meant to find you on FB or email. They totally did. We only made it one night since the sun sets so late and all the nighttime events are so late at night in May, but they were absolutely awesome!