Easter, Part 2

Round 2 of Easter was moved to our house at the last minute, thanks to flooding in the Lawless’ basement. It was by far the rainiest April in history, you know!  *sigh*  Ready for vacation…

(Hence the quick blog entries, unedited photos, etc.  I’m sorry.)

Anyway, it was a mostly great day.  I had the day off from the worship team and got to spend the morning with Kyle and the girls, checking out Easter baskets…

… and the “new” tricycles!

As we were leaving for church we had a flat tire, in a monsoon, so there was that…. but whatever.  Not much else to tell there.  Church was fantastic, and before we knew it the rest of my family was over to celebrate some more!

We had our annual, ridiculously hard easter egg hunt indoors (rained out (in? rained in?), of course), which took most of the girls’ naptime.  When Elise and Avery woke up, they found their eggs and had a great time.  Dinner was delicious, and all in all the entire weekend was full of great family memories!

More pictures of both celebrations in Picasa!