We’re Home.

And unsure how we feel about it 😉

No, actually we’re pretty sure.  We kind of want to be at Disney World a few more days, despite the last few 8-day trips feeling like the right length.

The trip was fantastic, I will of course share with you more details and pictures than you could ever care to see.

But first, I’m freaking exhausted.  We got very little sleep the last few nights, and flew into Dayton on the last flight of the night, getting to bed after midnight.  The girls were awake much of that time, but it didn’t stop them from getting up at 6:30, of course, and running around with a full tank of energy today.  To be 2.8 years old…. 🙂

We’re unpacked, the single leftover load of laundry is done, and we’re just hanging out one more afternoon before Kyle has to go back to work.  I’ll get to work on updates soon!


  1. Can’t wait to hear…read about your trip! What a beautiful time to be at WDW!!

    I am sure your little ones had a great time and were the cutest things EVER!