Writing. Wait, what?

While we were on the plane en route to WDW, I heard Kyle say to Elise from across the aisle, “That’s a good ‘E’!”

I didn’t think much of it, they often did hand-over-hand stuff and sometimes she or Avery occasionally scribbled a zig zag that resembled letters or words. But within a few seconds, I realized she was just writing on her own.

“Did you know she could do that?” I asked Kyle.
“No, not really.”

Yesterday, she practiced. The better of two Ss here I helped her with. For the rest, I was nowhere close.


I am simultaneously beaming with pride and baffled by my missing babies!  I apologize in advance for my mess of emotions when they start doing things like graduating…

Also, as a side note (and an apology to Avery in the future, when she reads this? Ha!), it kind of stinks for her that the letters that are hardest for little ones to write are ones with diagonal lines, and R.  You know, Like A, V, R, and Y?  Oops. 😉

Edited a few hours later:
Eh, whatever.  She’s up for the challenge.  I hear Avery just now, “Look Mommy, I made a beautiful ‘A’!”.

She was right.


  1. Awesome job by both girls. They are such smart little cookies. This is an adorable picture of Avery!