WDW: May 3

3:10am – Kyle won.  I had predicted I’d wake up at 3:40, 20 minutes before the alarm.  Kyle said 3.  I tried to go back to sleep too, because unlike my usual wakings, this time I was really tired.  The night before I was in bed by 9:30 but didn’t fall asleep until after 11.  It was going to be a long travel day…

I was excited about how little we had packed (one large suitcase, one smaller (large carry-on sized), and a purse), but it felt strange.  Still – no roof bag to deal with, no rental car size worries, no collecting and then juggling (by myself) 3 or 4 suitcases, 2 carseats, 2 carseat bags, a double stroller, a double stroller bag and 2 toddlers/preschoolers while waiting for Kyle to bring said rental car.  In an age when you can’t leave anything out of sight, so you have to push it all along together.  I’ve gotten quite good at the charade, but I can’t say I was disappointed to give it up. 🙂

The biggest question that morning was whether or not to skip my customary pre-trip full-calorie Mountain Dew.  I hadn’t had one in weeks, you know.  If you’re wondering, I did skip it.  I know, I’m totally awesome at the whole willpower thing.  That’s why I’m writing this to you (editor’s note: originally written on May 16) while sitting at the community center in jeans and a sweatshirt, because there was absolutely NOTHING I could do to convince myself to get back in the swing of working out.

At about 4:50am, we started changing the girls quietly in their beds.  We knew there was a 0% chance they’d sleep any more that morning, but didn’t feel the need to wake them quickly.  They stayed relatively chill (and half-asleep) until we took the last chain link down from the hallway, prompting a very excited (though still whispered), “The papers are gone!  Now we can go to Disney World!” 🙂

Some (completely and utterly random) conversations from the youngest travelers…

  • “Is our suitcase on top of our car in the black bag?”
  • “Did you bring my _____ dress?  And my ______ dress?  And my …”
  • “We’re going to live at the Horsey Saratoga Springs Hotel!”
  • “Where are the grey suitcases?” 
  • “Oh! Oh! There are fountains at Disney World!  Little Fountains and Big Fountains!”
  • “Can I just sleep until the sun wakes up?” IMMEDIATELY followed by…
  • “Hey!  Look what I’m doing!  I’m exercising!!!!” (complete with arm circles. What?)
It was a fun ride to the airport, albeit freezing (barely 40!) and rainy. The girls stayed calm until “It’s a Small World” came on the airport playlist (yes, I’m still a nerd and make one for each trip.  Don’t worry, the late time of sunrise didn’t allow me to time “Here Comes the Sun” as appropriately as I would have liked), but were very excited still.  I was excited to be driving (riding) 35 minutes instead of an hour and 35 minutes to the airport!
Once we were there, things continued to go quite perfectly, really.  We were through security with no trouble, hung out at our gate for 10-15 minutes, boarded in the last zone, and had already scored our favorite row of seats together.  Avery and I sat with a “friend” who couldn’t have been more than 3 (weird), but once I yanked his seatbelt as tight as it would go and he stopped standing up, all was well.  🙂
The flight was also smooth, though I found myself already getting quite sleepy.  The girls were angels, coloring and writing with their color wonder markers (thank you, Crayola!) and playing with their animal crackers and listening to XM radio (thank you, Airtran!).

As we were landing, they watched out the windows, Avery offering some instruction: “Watch where you’re going, airplane!”  Elise wasn’t as concerned.  Instead, she was just excited: “Look what I see out my window in the world!  People!  And a maze! [AKA “streets”]”.

It was going to be a fun trip.