WDW: May 7, Cont’d

After our nearly-perfect day at the Studios (you know, minus the autograph book snafu, and, oh yes, the potentially broken nose…), we headed over to Downtown Disney for some souvenir shopping.  The girls had a lot of fun exploring, especially Once Upon a Toy.

We talked a lot about potential souvenir options, because we’re pretty well caught up on things we’ve “always” gotten in the past – park DVDs, character figure play sets, Mr. Potato Head pieces, etc. We scoped out some options for our pins this trip, and Elise and Avery continued to pose for pictures anywhere they felt appropriate.

Eventually, it was time for our dinner reservation at Raglan Road.  This was a new restaurant for us, but we had been eager to try it after hearing rave reviews the past several years.  Let me just say, the Irish Soda bread and Guinness reduction dip won us over immediately.  Our steak and mixed grill were also excellent, and the Thin Chips (with gorgonzola, truffle oil, parmesan, etc) were to die for.  Dessert was pretty bad, actually, but the food was so delicious that even this sweet tooth left feeling satisfied.  We’ll definitely be back!

We stopped in the newly-expanded Lego store and would have loved to have played, but on a Saturday night especially, I’m sure, it was insanely crowded.  There was hardly room to walk, let alone navigate the stroller and chase after our two increasingly tired girls.  We didn’t mind a quick walk-through anyway, as we had promised the girls some time in the splash fountains before we left and it was getting a bit late.  Of course, we had forgotten the “good” fountain gets transformed into a dance floor for a kids’ dance party (which the girls’ were shockingly not that interested in!), and the other fountain they were very wary of.  Fine with us, we weren’t devastated by the prospect of NOT having to strip the girls down in the van, dealing with wet denim, etc.

Admittedly another half day or so at the Studios during this trip would have been ideal, but given that that didn’t work out, we really couldn’t have asked for a better result by the end of the day.

Photos up in the WDW Picasa album!  Check them out…. 🙂