WDW: May 8

Happy Mother’s Day to me!  We had had a good night, a slow and enjoyable morning, and hopefully hadn’t forgotten anything as we planned to be at Epcot for the entire day.

I tell you what, Disney World was the place to be on Mother’s Day – almost as if it was a holiday that got a lot of attention! 😉  I got doors held for me and first dibs at the mug station, all while dads and sons (after instruction) and Cast Members alike wished me a happy day.   How sweet!

At Epcot, I got a “beautiful flower”, and we waited in line for Rope Drop.

The girls had fun interacting with Mickey and friends before the countdown, and just after 9 we were in line at Character Connection to spend some more time with them.

Our next stop was Pixie Hollow to pay a visit to Tinker Bell and Terence.  It took Elise a little convincing that she was allowed to see Terence (“I’m not a boy to see him” :)), but both she and Avery were awesome when it was their turn.

First, Avery dashed up to them.  “Oh, Terence,” said Tink, “it looks like she’s a little fast flyer!  Did you see how quickly she flew up here?  And now, she’s so excited she can’t keep her feet still!”  “And what kind of talent do you have?” she said to Elise.

“I don’t know,” Elise replied shyly.  “I think she might be a dust fairy like Terence, she has been using her pixie dust all week to make us fly!” I told them (it was true).

And then Tink let Elise try on Terence’s dust satchel – so, so fun!  (“I don’t have a dust satchel at home, but I can use my princess purse as pretend!  It fits me!”)

To our surprise, after seeing Tink and Terence both girls agreed without question that they also wanted to wait in line again for Rosetta and Vidia instead of going somewhere else.

Next, there was a request for Living with the Land again, so we hit that one more time before heading to World Showcase for lunch and naptime.  We also rode “the Donald boat ride” (creative names Avery comes up with, no? :)) and hung out in Mexico a few minutes.

Lunch was from Kringla in Norway, and was as delicious as we had remembered…. and we finished up just in time to catch Mulan!  The girls were so excited, and I was just thrilled the crowds were starting to die down (for our last few days), making it possible.  While the girls napped, Kyle rode Maelstrom and we both took our turns riding Soarin’.  Then we had an awesome naptime while the girls slept an hour and a half and we found lots of great spots to sit and relax in the shade and soak up our favorite places.

Once Avery and Elise woke up, we rode Journey Into Imagination w/Figment (“skipping” the blast, of course!), and played in the updated Imagination Pavilion.  Then we enjoyed a double scoop snack from Fountainview.  Since I have erased the memories of fighting with evil children, it sort of seems like each day was better than the last.  It really was a great trip, and we still had a few days left!
We stopped at Club Cool for another round of “girl pop” (so cute :)), then listened to Off Kilter in Canada and rode across World Showcase Lagoon for fun and to kill some time.  A little after 4, it was time to make Elise’s day.  For about 24 hours now she had been asking to meet Aladdin and Jasmine.  Unfortunately Aladdin was busy getting ready for the parade at the Magic Kingdom, but we made half of her wish come true! 🙂
(Might I add, by the way, that the girls’ memories never cease to amaze me.  Looking at the world showcase Lagoon they said, “That’s where the fire goes before the fireworks show!”, and immediately upon entering the Japan pavilion, “I want to go in the store and see the Hello Kitty toys!” Unreal!)
Dinner at Teppan Edo was pretty good.  Honestly not any better than Benihana (which we already find a mediocre value) but the girls were intrigued enough.  We did catch Myuki on the way out, and were so excited that the girls got to choose an animal for her to make!!

Unfortunately – I’m assuming due to our ridiculously litigous culture, but someone correct me if I’m wrong – she’s not able to give them away any more, but the girls were happy enough to get pictures with them.
Then the perfect day ended. 🙂  In the middle of an epic meltdown, Kyle took the girls home while I walked to the beach club to pick up our photoshoot CD, watched part of the Davy Jones Flower Power concert which FINALLY lined up correctly with our trip(!), and watched Illuminations.
The bus ride back was exactly typical, and even though nothing went “wrong” it took almost an hour to get home and reminded me why I NEVER take busses in WDW.  Ugh.
All in all though, an entire day and evening at my favorite place in the world leaves little to complain about.

Don’t forget – click for pictures if you want the whole story! 🙂


  1. I believe that too many people complained that Myuki did not ‘pick MY child’ and as a result, no more of her beautiful creations are given away.

    A friend was down here to visit and insisted that I had to see her in action, and she remembered my friend (this is a must-stop on each of her trips, even seeing 2 or 3 performances on her Epcot day), so L got to choose and kept her dragon.

    Later in the week, Myuki didn’t give them away, so somewhere around Feb 2010 is when it stopped.

    There’s something relaxing about hearing her talk through the process of creating those beautiful candies.

  2. Ahh, entitlement makes sense, too! 🙂 Hehe. There was sign about not being for consumption or something, so I just assumed someone had been sick (or thought they were), yada yada. We were bummed for sure, because previously we had been able to take creations with us.

    You’re absolutely right, she is an absolute joy to watch!