WDW: May 10, Cont’d

It was just before 3 when we got to Epcot, which meant we only had a few hours.  We walked on Spaceship Earth which the girls always enjoy, but were disappointed to see not see Elise in the special ending.  For whatever reason her face missed the face-detection, and a clipart dude was in her place.  She was totally bummed!

We ate at Sunshine Seasons for “Lunch #2” (aka Kyle’s and my lunch, but the girls found Lunch #2 sooooo funny!), hit up Club Cool for one last round of “girl pop”, and spent a lot of time in Innoventions.

It was a seemingly unproductive afternoon at Epcot other than those few things and some time spent in Mouse Gears picking out the perfect souvenir for each girl, but it was perfect.  We ended the day sitting here:

… watching this dance:

… and eating one of these:

There was dinner at McDonald’s and a search for a gas station and a drive to an airport.  There was a bit of a snafu checking the carseats for a few minutes, and then a trek through security.  Those parts are never fun to remember, though, right?

Elise and Avery were excellent on the late flight (leaving at 9pm!), and fell asleep pretty quickly – as we had hoped they would, but never expected.

Eventually we made it home (very, very late), and then we waited a million-and-a-half years for the folks at the Dayton airport to give us our luggage, despite being the only people in the airport.  You know, the norm there for baggage claim.

Since then, we’ve celebrated some birthdays, gone to Kings Island, gone to the Community Center, fought a lot, swam a little, and done a bunch of other things that I’m behind on sharing… but I promise I will.  I needed to do this though, so I can get our photobook made and our memories “published”, before they fade away.

Because, as always, we made great ones together.

That’s all, folks!  If you’ve been waiting to click to the end, all the pictures are up now.  This day has some particularly cute haircut and parade pictures….


  1. Lindsay says:

    Another great trip for your family! I always enjoy reading about y’all’s adventures, and the girls are just adorable. I especially enjoyed hearing about the first haircuts – we had planned to have Austin’s first one there last Dec., but he got super sick the day before it was to happen. 🙁 When are y’all going in December? We’re planning to be there mid-December – just not sure if it will be with/without the little guy!

  2. So good to hear from you! I hope you guys are doing well. We will be there Dec 6-13, probably too early but let me know if you get in and we’ll look for you. I’d love to say hi! 🙂

  3. :sigh: I love reading about your trips. It does sound like you made some magical memories xx