WDW: May 10

Because someone made a super early breakfast reservation immediately following a super late night, we were up well before the sun.  I was up even earlier, fighting with the airline check-in lady at WDW, and by about 715 we were up at the Carriage House checking our luggage for our flight (with no trouble – as I had told her. When will people understand that I’m usually right in WDW?! ;)).  We were at the TTC by 7:30 and in the park just a few minutes before 8.

We grabbed a picture (or 12, loved the photopass chica there!) in front of Cindy’s castle before heading over to Crystal Palace for our reservation.  I have to say, other than Tigger, the character interaction here was bad.  And we’re never totally sold on breakfast buffets for our family, so it will once again be a while before we do breakfast here.  The girls enjoyed it though, a fact for which I have very little evidence because I had some sort of issue with my camera, apparently.  Did I mention manual settings for 75+% of this trip?  Well this particular morning it was on auto, so I have no idea what happened or who/what to blame.  But you’ll just have to take my word for it, Elise and Avery liked the food, liked the characters ok, and loved getting Piglet’s and Eeyore’s autographs to round out their Pooh & friends set. 🙂

After breakfast, we waited just a few minutes for Tiana and Naveen to arrive, which made the girls’ day.  We hadn’t met them before, and they were downright charming.  For real.  And we already knew their costumes are gorgeous.  (Apparently, they made my day, too?)

We also rode the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and “it’s a small world” again before it was time to head to the Harmony Barbershop for … drumroll, please… first haircuts!

The girls were so, so good – and adorable.  We chose to send Elise first, because we know our kids and how Avery’s anxiety works.  She was awesome, and really seemed to have a great time. 🙂

When the neighboring stylist (in a barbershop?) was finished it was Avery’s turn, but she – quite humorously – opted to wait for Ivette, because Elise had already tested those waters.  That was fine with us, and with the staff, and with the people waiting behind us, I’m sure.  When Elise was finished, it was Avery’s turn.  At which point she changed her mind 😉 … but we avoided a meltdown thanks to Ms. Minnie Mouse herself.  Or, rather, a replica of her that does a great dance.  Literally.

Avery was fixated with this toy and sort of enjoyed her haircut (what she noticed of it), but even once she had to give up the toy she was quite proud of how brave she had been and how beautiful she – and her sparkles – looked when it was all said and done!

They each got “First Haircut” ears (which they now get to play with in their dress-up boxes) and certificates, and I have to say it was every bit as great as I thought it was going to be — and well worth the wait to time it with one of our trips!

As promised, Elise and Avery had lunch at Cosmic Ray’s (“The Sonny Eclipse restaurant”) though Kyle and I were hardly ready to eat after our buffet breakfast just a few hours earlier.  I’ll never argue with that place though, if for no other reason(s) than to watch the girls dance and hear the surprisingly sweet ballad, “Bright Little Star”, in the middle of Sonny’s otherwise corny show.

While the girls napped, Kyle and I took turns on Haunted Mansion.  We usually skip it and opted to ride this time to check out the new, interactive queue.   It was cool enough, but the ride SERIOUSLY does nothing for me.  I texted Kyle throughout because, until the updated hitchhiking ghosts during the last 30 seconds, I was bored out of my mind.  Hehe.  To each his own!

Next I headed for a Dole Whip (that I didn’t share with anyone!) while Kyle rode Pirates of the Caribbean and wandered Adventureland a bit.  I enjoyed relaxing in the shade near Aloha Isle in Adventureland, where I had just spotted one of the last people Elise had been oh-so-desperate to see… and her surprise guest!

We were first in line, and the girls were thrilled to say hello to Ariel again… and meet Eric!

After we said our goodbyes to Ariel and her prince, we also said goodbye to Cinderella’s Castle and the Magic Kingdom for this trip.  Since we had the time, we were going to spend half a day each in the MK and in Epcot on our last day, which couldn’t have been more perfect!


  1. How long did the haircut take? We have Alex’s scheduled for about an hour before our lunch ADR…

  2. You’ll be totally fine, just get there 10-15 minutes early to ensure you get started on time. We had both girls done (back-to-back instead of simultaneously, thanks to Avery :)), and were still out in less than 40 minutes.