Birthday Party

So recently, we had a birthday party.  No, not the one I spent months planning.  Are you kidding?  Did you read that we’re still back in early May with these updates?

No, this one was very impromptu.  And, if you ask me, was hardly a party.  But if you ask my girls, it was the party of the century.  So tell me why I put effort into the details of their big shebangs?  Don’t answer that.

In mid-may, Elise, Avery and I were at Meijer.  “We have to get meat for Daddy’s birthday dinner,” I told them.

“Daddy’s birthday party is today?!”

“No, not a party.  Just dinner.”.

“I think we should have a birthday party.”

So, in what I thought was a compromise, we bought a single mylar balloon and the girls worked together to pick out a tablecloth.  “No, I don’t want Star Wars.  I want that Daddy wants pink.”  We went with light blue. 🙂

This was the party:

They hardly found it a compromise, and instead thought it was the coolest. thing. ever, and the icing on the cake – figuratively speaking, of course – was jumping “out” (from…. around the corner? even that’s a stretch) when Kyle came in the door after work and yelling, “Surprise!”

They sure do love their dada.  And birthdays.

(A few more pictures in Picasa, along with some other random pictures from the month, more from Kings Island, etc)