Three-Year Well Child Checks, etc

The girls had their well child appointments today!  No shots, so it was a pretty straightforward, actually enjoyable visit.

The biggest news (is it?) is that Avery, for the first time, surpassed Elise in weight!  It’s really not news other than the fact that it’s NEW, because they’re still so close in size – a fact for which I’m thankful, lest we have to start having separate wardrobes already!

28.5 lbs (25th %ile)
36.5 inches (35th %ile)
BMI 15

29.5 lbs (30th %ile)
35.5 inches* (20th %ile)
BMI 16.5
*without shoes.  Still above 36″ with shoes on, the very same shoes she had at Kings Island. But who’s keeping track?

So apparently, they really are growing up.  As if we had any doubt! 🙂  We’d love to only visit the office to say hello between now and next June!