Happy Graduation, Cassi!

In May, Cassi graduated from Mason High School.  Of course, she was also still doing her second year of post-secondary college stuff, etc but that didn’t stop her from getting awards and impressing her teachers and being ridiculously smart and well-liked.

Also in May, we celebrated Cassi’s graduation and impending start at the University of Cincinnati, where she’ll pretty much pay for nothing.  See above. 🙂

Despite the strong gusts of wind trying to ruin everything I had contributed to the planning (namely a tent and the decorations, most of which went unused),

it was a great afternoon with friends and family.

And green frosting.

Lots (lots) more pictures in Picasa, since I was ordered to take “tons”.  Sorry for those of you that did not place said order 😉  You’re welcome to those who did.  And sorry to you too, that they’re nearly a month overdue.