Water Fun!

The last week or so, it hasn’t really been hot enough to swim.  A mild summer?  I’ll take it.

Earlier though, it was hot.  And we took advantage of that too, and played outside in the water a lot.  The girls were so much fun last year, and have just expanded on that this year.  My often anxious Avery is obsessed with “the water slide” (the faster the better) and the slip n slide.  Elise is a little more apprehensive if things get going a little too fast (what is it with the constant role-reversal?  They keep us on our toes, that’s for sure!), but both of them have a great time no matter what we’re doing.

We had told Avery (on the Slip n Slide) to put her arms up.   Hehe.

As always, more pictures in Picasa.  Most of the recent updates are in the May sub-album, including these, and the “Donut Cake” my girls found hilarious.  Check ’em out!