Birthday Week

In addition to the birthday party the weekend before, Elise and Avery’s whole birthday week was filled with goodies!  There were lots of leftover cupcakes and other party goodies, but that didn’t stop us from the obligatory birthday dinner at Red Robin!

The girls each got balloons (not specific to their birthday) —

then after dinner, the staff AND Red came out to sing to them!

They had slightly different reactions to this.

But both thoroughly enjoyed what came next…

We also had a special day out at Toys R Us taking advantage of Geoffrey’s Birthday Club (read: free stuff), and at Build A Bear (read: more free stuff).

We finished that day with a few special trips to pick out ballet outfits and shoes… but you’ll have to wait to see them in action!

And we spent lots of time playing with the very special Fairy Garden Grandma Shelly made.

On their actual birthday, we enjoyed their favorite foods for dinner and spent some low-key, quality family time together (just the four of us! :)) playing some new games and hanging out.  And we had ice cream cake (“That’s so silly!” said Elise and Avery, every time it came up).

It was a wonderful week of celebration with our two favorite girls!