Oh, let’s go fly a kite!

This entry is a bit late.  Who am I kidding, all entries these days are a bit late.

But this one begins back around the girls’ birthday, when they received uniquely shaped packages on our doorstep:

After opening the presents from Miss Leah (and Baby Hailey and Mr. Dave), the girls sang “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” (Mary Poppins, of course!) for days, and we talked about the weather required for kite flying.

“Aww, it’s raining today.  We can’t fly a kite.”

“Hey, it’s not raining! We can fly a kite!”
“Well baby, it also has to be windy.”

“Hey, look it’s REALLY windy today! Let’s fly our kite!”
“Oh yeah.  Well you see, it can’t be TOO windy.”

Lol, it really wasn’t that bad – it’s just been a super finicky Spring and Summer around here this year!

Eventually it stopped storming and we had a beautiful, albeit chilly (in June?) Kite-flying-day!

Click for more pictures of that afternoon.  There are some cute ones, especially of the girls “decorating” their Fairy House with “flowers”. 🙂


  1. YAY!! They look like fun 🙂