Pregnancy thus far…

So now that the cat’s out of the bag everywhere, so to speak, I’ll publish this.  Not that you necessarily care, but it’s yours for the reading if you’d like! 😉

Weeks 4 & 5

I’m exhausted.  That’s about all I can say.  Given that my progesterone is 20x higher than most women and 6-8x higher than most women at this point in pregnancy, that’s understandable.  The exact word that was used for how I might feel is “sedated”.  They weren’t kidding.  Stupid overachieving ovaries.

I suppose that’s not entirely all.  I’m also queasy on and off, earlier than I was with the girls.  This better not be an indication of when all-day sickness will start or how bad it will be, because you might recall I was darn near dead without Zofran the last time around.  I’m also bloated (yes, I’m aware that might be TMI, and don’t care) to the point that my clothes don’t fit despite the baby being the size of a poppy seed and the numbers on the scale going steadily down.  I’m well aware this will probably go away and I’ll “thin down” (ha!) a bit before really growing, but it’s annoying. Editor’s Note: I didn’t.  Now I’m 10 weeks and the scale hasn’t budged, but by the end of the day I look 4 or 5 months pregnant.  I wasn’t even showing with the girls until 18 weeks… pregnancy post-multiples is weird.

And finally?  I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a bit concerned about twins again.  Not sure how well 9.5 weeks of bedrest would go with 2 three-year-olds to tend to.  Thank goodness for early scans!

Week 6

At exactly 6w0d, we had our first ultrasound.  It’s about 50/50 whether or not you can see cardiac activity at that point (though it has usually begun just a day or two before, and will be visible within another day or two in all viable pregnancies) – and we did!  With my retroverted uterus (you’re welcome) and the fact that the baby (just one! :)) is firmly rooted at the very top, that sucker was well hidden.  It took a while to find bebe hiding in the shadows, but once we did we could see the flicker of the tiny heart just fine!  The doctor was even able to measure it at 98bpm, where anything 90-120 is perfect at this time. And the babe’s crown rump length put it measuring at exactly 6w0d.  Perfect 🙂

I have to admit I’m more anxious with this one than I was with the girls at this point.  I’m perfectly at peace with the plan God has in store for us (and you know I’m thrilled we’re actually expecting again), but I’m having a harder time “attaching” to this pregnancy.  It will come though, and until then Kyle and I are still so very thankful for the journey this far!  Editors note: turns out I’m struggling a bit (struggled? Admittedly the last few days have felt a bit better) with antenatal depression.  It’s a real concern and I’ll post an article at some point probably, but this is already long…  Kyle thought we’re probably just having a boy, and that’s why I’m not attaching 😉

Week 7-8

At some point just before my 7 week ultrasound, I attached. 🙂  Of course, it was at the expense of my sanity, because I found myself EXTREMELY anxious before the scan – even moreso than the first.  Within seconds though (much easier, since everything’s getting bigger quickly), baby said hello and his/her little heart was just beating away, right in our faces – and our ears.  That’s right, now they can (on internal ultrasound, anyway), hear a heartbeat as early as 7 weeks.  Incredible!  Which leads me to the funniest story I think we have to date…

We hadn’t yet told the girls about the baby at that scan, but were planning to soon – so Kyle, just to kind of make them aware of the goings on, said, “Hey, do you hear that?” (referring, of course, to the heartbeat).  “Yeah,” said Elise, quite confidently.  “That’s what mommy’s bottom sounds like!”


Anyway, that afternoon we told them and they reacted exactly as I thought they would, having known three-year-old development.  We told our parents the same day, and they were much more excited 😉

Now here I am at 8w0d and feeling, well, pregnant.  I am queasy 90% of the time, and exhausted 100% of the time.  Pubic Symphasis Dysfunction is beginning to rear its ugly head (hey, a week later and with a less sudden onset than with two babies, so there’s that!).  But mostly, I’m just growing more excited.  Excited to welcome another little one into our family, of course for Kyle and I but also even more excited to watch Elise and Avery grow to love this little one as much as they love one another.  They’re going to be so great.  I THINK even if it’s a boy. 😉

8 weeks, 2 days – Ultrasound today, everything is still perfect!  Heartbeat should be between 160-180 and our little one’s was regular and steady at 171bpm.  I’m 8w2d and baby was measuring 8w2d-8w3d.  I’m anticipating a call soon to transfer to my regular OBGYN, which is exciting but sort of bittersweet.  No more weekly scans! 😉

9 weeks and change

So… tomorrow (9/21) is my first OB appointment with my regular OB.  Last week I ordered a doppler from baby beat (both because you know I’m neurotic and because I think it will be really special for the girls, especially, to hear the baby – once they agree it’s not just my bottom making noises ;)).  Anyway, it was supposed to arrive on Thursday, 9/22.  That was perfect, because then I wouldn’t even have to bother with trying to find the heartbeat this early and being disappointed.  If the doctor found it on Wednesday, I’d play along at home – and if not, I wouldn’t try for at least a few days.

BUT… It came today, 9/20.  I’m not even *positive* she’ll try tomorrow since I’ll not even be ten weeks, I told myself.  Besides, I added, it’s SO early that if I don’t find it I totally won’t be worried.  Hey – this logic worked with peeing on a stick (it really did!), I know how my screwy brain works.

Wouldn’t you know, I found it in about 2 minutes.  Of course, I am a pro after finding and distinguishing twins heartbeats for months, but still – that’s impressive, if only because SO, SO often you can’t hear fetal heart tones until 10, 11, or even 12-14 weeks with an abdominal doppler.  Boom!

In case you care, it’s measuring right between 176-180bpm.  Before you start applying theories, week 9 it should ALWAYS be between 155-195bpm.  It will then slow down and settle into a “consistent” (used quite loosely) range at about 12 weeks.

And then?  The wives tales are still generally wrong.  All evidence shows that there’s absolutely no correlation between gender and heartrate.

Still, if the faster heart rate of *this* baby is because it’s a girl, I’ll be quite satisfied. 🙂

9/22/11 – Yesterday I had my first OB appointment.  She didn’t listen for the heartbeat, and as usual they were a little thrown off by the fact that it was my “first” visit though I was fast approaching my tenth week.  Otherwise, all I have to say is… here goes the beginning of boring, pointless visits.  While they drive me crazy, I suppose it’s better than eventful ones! 😉

10 weeks

Considering we found out about this pregnancy at 3.5 weeks, I have to admit that reading back on this I’m kind of impressed at how quickly the last several have gone.  I’m sure I won’t think that forever (and it certainly didn’t feel that way in the thick of the first few weeks!), but for now it’s really kind of crazy.  Of course, as I mentioned, the PSD and SI joint dysfunction have set in in full force.  What this means practically, is that sometimes I just plain buckle in back/pelvic pain when I was previously walking, I can’t sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, and I can’t stay in one position long at all without excruciating pain.  And the glorious anti-inflammatories that would completely destroy this are, of course, completely off-limits.  Yipee!  Invest in Tylenol stock, folks, because I continue to take it despite it not doing a darn thing… 😉

In other news, as I mentioned, I’m feeling a bit more like myself (emotionally, anyway), the last few days.  I’ve even been able to get a lot of work done for our upcoming Twins Club sale, though at the expense of a clean house!  My appetite has decreased but so has my nausea, so could it be that I made it through with just a handful of weeks of sickness?!  Everyone – immediately knock on wood on my behalf, please.  Need I remind you that while I had previously been sick, my hyperemesis (non-stop puking) with the girls started at about 10.5 weeks.

Two more things, as I know this thing is (literally) weeks long.  This week marks the beginning of some amazing development.  God’s handiwork in creating life is mind-boggling.  At just barely an inch long, all vital organs (and less-vital parts like fingers and toes) are in place.  Baby is swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm, and is developing little (holy cow, how little they must be!) fingernails.  Amazing.

And the girls?  They are so cute.  We’ve been going through baby stuff for the sale and it’s really brought this one to their attention.  They talk about the baby every day (several times a day) and want to know how big it is, if it’s big enough to be “borned” yet, etc.  They are going to be incredible. <3


  1. Congratulations Jen! I’ll be praying for you and baby! One of my dearest friends was in a car accident and dealt with a lot of the pelvic pain you mention in her first and current pregnancies…so sorry you’re dealing with that! I will be praying for your health and pain with your girls running around nonstop and for a healthy baby, too. I remember reading way back you thought you might not get a 3rd child so I am very excited for you!