The Magic Returns!

No, I didn’t just make up that cheesy (and wonderful) title – it’s the phrase hanging on banners throughout Kenwood Mall, now that a Disney Store has come back!  And not just any Disney Store, mind you, but one of their new Imagination Parks.  It was one of the first of its kind anywhere in the country, and is pretty cool.  With the help of the late Steve Jobs and Apple, the new stores are very tech-focused.  And with Disney’s magic and attention to detail, they are just really special in other ways, too.  For example?  In our store, the murals around the top of the store feature silhouettes of beloved Cincinnati landmarks – Union Terminal, Fountain Square, the Roebling Suspension Bridge, etc.  And as you’re admiring them, you’ll probably catch a glimpse of Buzz Lightyear or Tinker Bell flying by, Carl (from Up) floating by with his balloons, or other magical surprises.

That’s got to be my favorite feature, but the girls also love the enchanted castle and magic mirrors where the wave of a wand elicits a visit from a princess or two, and the big, interactive video area.  There are also usually coloring pages and other interaction from Cast Members (i.e. a “Hot Dog Dance Lesson”).

We’ve been a few times now, but our first (not that you’d expect anything different) was on opening day.  Because of an earlier appointment we got there a bit later than we wanted, but we still got to participate in trivia and win a gift card, the girls got a few special goodies, etc.  Would you believe we didn’t buy anything, though?  In fact, we haven’t any time we’ve been there.  Go figure. 🙂

It was a fun day, though, and the girls (um, and their mama) are thrilled to have not one, but two “Mickey Stores” back in town, with the subsequent opening of the Disney Outlet in nearby Monroe.

Now to start remembering to keep an eye out for special events like the Princess Garden Party we attended in Columbus.  The Magic is Back, indeed!

A few more pictures in Picasa.  Um, back in the August album. (Sheesh)