Baby Announcements

You already saw the announcement we used for social media to share the news of the latest Kaufman addition.  But what about our families?  Last time around it was the Thanksgiving Card.  This time was a bit different, because the logistics are just a bit incredibly different with two talkative three-year-olds in the mix.

We told the girls first, and got pretty much the reaction we expected – plus a few other cute questions.  We could see Avery processing it the rest of the day though, and now as I have mentioned, they’re both super excited about Our Baby, and are taking good care of Mommy and the Baby in any way they can. 🙂

But this is about their first (non)reaction —

We also created this (ridiculously silly) video to send to Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Mike —

And… we told my family.  Very anti-climactically.   Elise and Avery had the adorable “Big Sister” shirts on as we picked them up for our Hilton Head trip, and Kyle and I painstakingly coordinated, sent stealth text messages and connived to make sure everyone was in one place (and paying attention) at the same time.  This was no easy task, and yet we pulled it off and made it look effortless.

Until at the moment my mom noticed the shirts, my dad and sister had turned to go back in the house for something.  Nothing went as planned at that point – and so, we had a rather disjointed conversation, but everyone was excited.  And that’s all that mattered. 🙂