Second Trimester, and an OB Appointment

How has it been 4 weeks since my last OB appointment?!  Not that I’m complaining.  At all.

Last Monday (10/10) marked the beginning of the second trimester of this pregnancy.  Can I just tell you, while knocking on wood, that I can’t believe I might actually just understand what the “honeymoon trimester” is about?  Don’t you go thinking that I like pregnancy now, I haven’t changed my mind about preferring the stork method of delivery.  That doesn’t exist.  But this time around?  It’s just not so horrible yet.

Seriously, I was nauseous almost continuously for 8-10 weeks, but now virtually never as long as I’m eating relatively regularly.  And not gorging.  (But don’t those combinations make anyone queasy?)  And I threw up a whopping three times.  THREE!  Now yes, I realize this might mean I just start now at 14 weeks – but I’m just thrilled, let me tell you.  If you recall, my last pregnancy I threw up around the clock from weeks 8-36, requiring Zofran and fluids, and 3-4 daily supplement shakes in a (futile) attempt to gain weight.

Sure, I was more exhausted this time around, and somedays I find myself wanting to scream “WHY IN THE WORLD CAN I NOT STAY AWAKE TO SAVE MY LIFE?!”… before being reminded by a dear friend or family member that it is, in fact, tiring to create a human being.  But honestly?  The last few weeks I’ve just been moderately tired, and even somewhat energetic at times.  And the touch of exhaustion has truthfully translated into a significant reduction in my insomnia.  Win!  Even my depression seems to have dissipated as my excessively high hormone levels regulated.

In actual baby-related news, all is great.  We had our first trimester screen last week.  Baby wasn’t super cooperative for a while, but I kind of didn’t care – considering (sshhhhh….) I just did it to get the extra ultrasound.  I wasn’t really worried about the trisomies they were testing for, but in case you were, my risk for all three tested is virtually nil.  Baby was measuring exactly on target again, give or take an extra day.  Heartbeat both then and at my appointment today was measuring in the 150s.  Because of a past multiple pregnancy, my uterus is already significantly above my pelvis (about halfway between it and my belly button, if you want to know ;)).  That’s on track for months 4 or so, especially with subsequent pregnancies.  And my first trimester weight gain was half a pound at most, so I’m happy with how things are progressing.  If you’ve been pregnant though, you know what I’m about to say next is true – I’m not looking forward to maternity clothes, per se, but I’d like to look like something other than just “chubbier”.  *sigh*

I did find out something interesting that should actually have little bearing on this pregnancy (and obviously hasn’t thus far).  Because of my previous c-section and previous multiple gestation (two separate diagnosis codes), I’m carrying a diagnosis of “pregnancy, other high risk”.  So far all this means is that I get a Level II Ultrasound around 20 weeks instead of a quick anatomy scan in the office, which just translates to cooler pictures and more baby watching.  It could also mean that we’ll keep an extra eye on things at the end of my pregnancy since my uterus could think it’s reached capacity a bit earlier than 40 weeks.  No, she’s not at all concerned about pre-term labor or anything of the sort.  She thinks I have nearly the same chance as anyone else to make it to a 39-week delivery as planned, but that she simply wouldn’t be surprised if things started progressing at 37- or 38-weeks.  Which would still be totally fine.

Anyway, there you have it.  Pregnancy doesn’t completely suck this time around.  Hooray!