Hilton Head – Day 2

September 8th

Our second day on HHI we woke up bright and early (of course).  We hung around the villa for a while, and headed to the beach in late morning.

Elise and Avery were really excited to play in the sand, and especially excited to make their first Sand Cupcakes!

The rest of us split our time between sand play and hanging out in the ocean, before heading up to the Beach House pool.  (Sorry for the lack of pictures – after about 1 minute I realized I wasn’t getting sand in my several hundred dollars worth of lenses.  It was pretty, it was fun, and my girls are cute.  Now you’re pretty much up to speed.)

After the beach we spent some more downtime in the villa while the girls rested.  In the afternoon, we made our way to the Broad Creek Marina for our reserved Dolphin Tour.  Elise has been obsessed with Dolphins for months now, and who doesn’t like a little boat trip?  We were all pretty excited, even if the one we had originally planned on (leaving from within walking distance and on a much cooler boat, with rave reviews) was closed unexpectedly for some seasonal maintenance.

We saw our first dolphin pretty quickly… and proceeded to pretty much follow him around.  For an eternity.  I was really concerned that this would be the extent of our “tour” (circles around the marina), but eventually the captain – who was quite funny, I might add – snapped out of it and we were on our way.  We didn’t quite make it as far as we should have which was a bummer, but overall the cruise was a lot of fun.  Lots of dolphin sightings, lots of wit, some beautiful home spotting, and a gorgeous day.

Oooh, and some excitement!  There were, after all, “Strong Danger Currents” in the area!   Not to mention a pirate ship, and a sketchy (but also very cool) concession stand.  Or the skeleton of one. (See pictures).

The girls even had an opportunity to be captain of the boat – which, for some reason, only Avery took.  And she was super cute —

That evening after dinner at Fuddruckers, we headed to Community Hall for some Goofy Bingo.  Everyone won either a bingo game or some of the intermission trivia, and we left with lots of candy.

Another fun night, and I think everyone else had even more fun later.  I wouldn’t know.  (See Day 1). 🙂

More pics in the album, of course!