Hilton Head – the last few days

September 9th

More beach time, more pool time.  The girls were swimming like pros with their puddle jumpers and loving their new goggles.  They weren’t crazy about the ocean (mostly scared of sand dollars, once they found out they were alive) 🙂 but loved spending time in the sand.  We even found super cute mermaids on the beach, who were familiar with (and belting out) Ariel’s most popular songs.  We played and swam some more, before napping in the room.

In the afternoon, we went to Pirate Island Golf.  It is not, after all, a Lawless family vacation (or a Lawless-Kaufman vacation) without a little mini golf!  It was Avery and Elise’s first time actually golfing (not including the time we took them with us in Gatlinburg, when they were pretty much just a handicap)… and wow, were they hilarious.  Elise chose a miniature metal putter, while Avery went for the big gun.  The big, plastic gun, that is.

Avery whacked at it with gusto (had to measure up to the mega-putter, you know!), while Elise hit it once and then pretty much just moved it to the edge of the cup each time, and hit it in from there.  She won by a landslide, of course, with such tactics.

Dinner was Taco Night and the remainder of the evening was… well, you know…

More (hilarious) pictures of our golfing adventures in the Picasa album!

September 10th

Our last full day in Hilton Head was full of lots more fun.  First, we headed to Sea Pines and Harbour Town.  We played on the playground, of course —

and checked out the (always underwhelming) lighthouse, which the girls loved because ligthhouses have become synonymous with Hilton Head in their minds.  We found some more shells, and spotted some more dolphins…

and stopped at the Salty Dog for some new shirts for each of us.  Back at the resort, we discovered our new favorite spot (affectionately dubbed “crab beach” for the hundreds of crabs visible there at low tide) that I hope to relax in much more on our next visit, and saw dolphins as close as we had seen yet!

Dinner was a little cookout with delicious burgers and corn on the grill, and it was the perfect way to start wrapping up our quick trip.

After dinner we went swimming one more time in the Big Dipper Pool, and then what Disney(related) trip would be complete without at least one Mickey bar?!

A perfect evening.

And guess what?!  I even stayed up (really late, actually), and played a hilarious game of Uno Flash with the rest of the grownups.  I know, impressive, right?

September 11

Our last morning we pretty much just woke up, loaded up the car, and headed home – but not before meeting up with Aunt Terrie and Uncle Rob at a DELICIOUS new (to us) restaurant for breakfast.

The drive home felt rather long but was actually quite uneventful.

The trip was a few years in the making and was entirely too short, but the memories were well worth the wait!

All the pictures up now.  And hey, we’re starting to get caught up around here…