Hilton Head

Our drive to Hilton Head in September was pretty uneventful.  We left just before dinner (and stopped at Cheddar’s on the way through Florence – yum!), then drove through the night.  The girls did relatively well, waking up – wide awake – with each gas station stop but otherwise sleeping as much as we expected them to.  I was terribly uncomfortable with all that fun pregnancy bone/joint pain, but wasn’t very sick and made it through with little complaining.  Though I did say once again that we will NOT be driving to Florida any time soon.

We arrived on the island ahead of schedule, and ate some breakfast in the parking lot (literally) before checking in at the Live Oak Lodge at Disney’s Hilton Head Resort.

Because it was super early and a room wasn’t ready (the cast member tried very hard!), we got our key and headed overt the beach.  It had been years since my parents and sister had been to the ocean (Cassi didn’t even remember, it had been so long) and all of us were itching to see and hear those relaxing sights and sounds.  We were among the only few on the beach, which was a beautiful way to start the morning.

We played and explored for just under an hour (finding TONS of wildlife (or evidence of) – including horseshoe crabs, jellyfish, sand dollars, etc).  We dipped our feet in the Atlantic, and were just thrilled to be there for a few days, away from the rest of “real life”. 🙂

After a while, we headed up to the beach house for a little ping pong and foosball, and for some of us, relaxation.  Sitting and doing nothing, which is – in my opinion – what Hilton Head is best for.

Eventually, it was time for the kids’ craft time back at the Shelter Cove side of the resort.  We made our way back, played on the pier, and made adorable little wooden fishes.

And played shuffleboard, of course, like any normal young people.

Since we still weren’t in our room by lunch time, we decided to hit up Giuseppi’s pizza and the Piggly Wiggly.  Just in time for naps, our room was ready.  It was one building over from where Kyle, the girls and I stayed last time, which was perfect (and the area we had requested).  The accommodations are identical, so it was as incredible as expected.  The unexpected surprise was cards and balloons waiting for us to celebrate Cassi’s (Cassy’s) graduation and my dad’s birthday!

After naps we spent some time at the pool, and chowed down on some Skyline for dinner.

We had arrived on Campfire day, so of course we were there for the fun (and free s’mores!) when it started.  Elise answered a trivia question correctly and got to be the bell ringer to start the festivities!  It also meant that – after the “spectacular” campfire songs – our family got to start the S’mores line.  Score!

Everyone was exhausted by bedtime, and I’m pretending we all went to bed at about 8.  In actuality, just the girls and I did.  This would be a recurring theme, so I’m letting you know now I have VERY little to report after about dinnertime each night.  Yay, first trimester. 😉

It was a perfect first day though, and we couldn’t wait for more!

More pictures from Day 1 in the September album!