Niederman Farm 2011

Our trip to Niederman Farm this year was the most fun we’ve ever had there.  The girls were the absolute perfect age to enjoy every bit of it – the bounce pillow, the swing, animals, food, hayride, and corn mazes – including the alphabet path just for little ones, though we made it through that one quite quickly 🙂

Good thing too, that they enjoyed it all, because they lowered the admission age to 2 instead of 5.  We were shocked that our cost was doubled, and will have to think twice before going next year… though I’m pretty sure we will, as long as they are still having as much fun as they did this time.

Of course, the first picture I took (which was beautiful, but the way), alerted me to the fact that I had no memory card in the camera.  And for some unknown reason, I didn’t have the case with me.  You know, the case that’s perfect and wonderful and has all sorts of compartments for backups of everything I would need while out.  Such as a memory card.

So this is all you get, and all I have from that day other than great memories with our little family and some friends from church.  And maybe a little lingering frost bite.

After we thawed out a bit with the help of some hot chocolate (the girls’ first taste, and now they’re as obsessed as I am), we came home and watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”.  The girls have seen it before, but were really into it this year.  It was the perfect start to a season full of fall festivities!