Pumpkins 2011

Before our pumpkin extravaganza this year, we made sure to talk to our kids (namely Avery) about last year’s incident, in hopes to avoid anything similar.  If she was going to freak out about pumpkin guts, we were going to just set her up somewhere far away with some toys, and let her be.

Instead, they were both extremely excited… and as helpful as they could be, after having picked out designs that were too elaborate for three-year-olds.  Next year, it’s jack-o-lantern faces.  (Right?)

They weren’t actually too thrilled about the gunk, but instead of repeating the historic meltdown of 2010, we just got these faces.  Hehe!

Once it wasn’t terribly full, Elise did eventually decide she wanted to give the scooping a shot.

When he got to a “kid part” (ha), Kyle even let them help carve a bit.

They were pretty proud of “their” creations!