Christmas Lights and Light Up Middletown

For as long as I can remember, as I might have mentioned somewhere around here, I’ve loved going driving and looking for Christmas lights.  This year, Elise and Avery are absolutely obsessed with the same.  We have a great time driving anywhere each evening and looking for some, with someone shouting out “Christmas Lights!” at every turn.  They don’t even have to be elaborate.  Our one or two strands of icicles and garland across the porch?  Awesome, apparently.

So we were even more excited to go to Light Up Middletown this year, knowing they’d just adore it – which they definitely did.  They still ask to go “drive through a Christmas light maze” every few days.  Unlike last year, I brought my professional-quality, fabulous SLR camera to actually get some decent shots of the gorgeous displays, that – as I mentioned previously – put similar local drive-through displays to shame.

Um, but I didn’t bring the case, and had no memory card in the camera.  I have got to stop that.  Seriously!  So I took a few cell phone pictures… again.  And the ones that turned out?  Almost exactly the same shots from last year.

I swear we went, but you’ll just have to take our word for it.  Otherwise, check it out if you’re local… or enjoy finding lights of your own!


  1. I’ve done the same thing. Due to school, though, I have a little VB tech bag with my digital recorder and other necessities for a classroom technology major.

    I wised up and bought an extra SD card during the back to school sales and it lives in my purse.

    Maybe Santa can put one in your stocking so you can do the same?!