Other Birthday Festivities

Ok, so… festivity?  Unlike last year when it seemed we celebrated Elise and Avery for weeks, this summer has flown by and Toys R Us, Build A Bear, and other various coupons and experiences have expired left and right.  Where has the summer gone, and how do they start school in 3 weeks?!  I am trusting that they don’t care, and we’re just going to try to make the best of what’s left of summer.  And hey, fewer events for you to catch up?

The rest of the day (June 16th, to remind you how far back we’re talking) stayed considerably busy.  First there was the new car…

… and the first collision.

Is that a record time?  At the very least, record time to hit a parked car?

Then it was time to play with the gifts and bake a couple of “goodies” from the Easy Bake Oven.

This turned out to be substantially less exciting than the instant gratification of the iPhone app that sparked the interest to begin with.  Go figure.

Finally, it was time for birthday dinner (including “those chicken fingers with the bones that you eat off of the side and not the end” (read: chicken legs))…

… and meeting – and adoring and instantly playing with – Cassi’s boyfriend, Grant …

… and finally enjoying the My Little Pony birthday cake.

I hope these precious girls never for a moment forget how loved they are, even in the absence of formal celebration.

Because boy, they are.