Nolan’s 3-Month Shoot

So as you recall, I am picky about photographers… and “ours” is apparently gone.  So today, relatively on a whim, I shot Nolan’s 3-month portraits.  I’m really happy with them on their own.  In fact, I’m extremely happy with them considering I was terrified of what is some photographers’ least favorite age (until 18 months I’m assuming, when the subject just runs loose like a holy terror).  The only thing I regret, and I admit it’s silly, is that they’re different than what the girls had at the same time.  I suppose going forward I could plan ahead and try to match/recreate some of their shots, but for today this will do.

Aside from obvious edits – just as with Elise and Avery’s recent shoot – many (most?) of these are out of the camera other than some cropping on some.  Ironic (and annoying) that the season in life during which one would have the cutest subjects for really diving into photography again, she also has the least time – thanks to said busy subjects.

Still, I have absurdly cute kids, if I do say so myself.  Here is the third.  (Click for the album)

(It has been brought to my attention (by me) that the upload process has rendered the pictures on Picasa/Google Plus kind of crappy in quality. Annoying).


  1. They turned out fantastic! The one with the fists is my fav. He is totally saying “I may be small but still kick butt!”. Lol!

  2. Don’t you hate that? I just installed lightroom (because my native Nikon editing program is not Lion compatible) and all the cropping and sharpening I did of my pictures of the Art of Animation resort did not get saved.

    Oh well, I need to go back and watermark them, anyway.

    And, you have the cutest models around. He’s such a cutie!