The DFD that will Never Be (4.3)

Oh, Robin Hood, what gives?

Seriously, for two or three rounds of Disney Family Days now, it’s been on the schedule.  I have nothing against the movie, but something always came up pushing it farther and farther forward on the calendar until it was too late.

This time, I was determined it was going to happen.  I also read back through the old parties with the girls, and was determined to put more into this one as I had in the past.  For the first time in quite a while, I did just that.  There was the usual dinner and a movie, plus bow and arrow cookies —

homemade Maid Marian wreathes —

and plans for an archery contest, after working out the best configuration of a coat hanger bow 🙂

And then the girls were, well, their current usual selves.  Threat after threat did nothing, the afternoon was horrendous, and the party was canceled.

I assure you, for whatever reason, this is one that’s never gonna happen. 🙂