3-Month Old Play

Yeah, yeah… so Nolan is actually almost 4.5 months old.  We’ve all been up to a lot though, and I have to start somewhere, right?  We’ll start with the one changing the quickest – my most-definitely-not-a-newborn boy.

The bouncer seat has been officially retired, and the swing is next – hanging on just because it has a totally awesome mobile that he still adores.  But the truth is, the boy just doesn’t like being strapped in anything.  Anywhere.  He has things to do, you know!

Like play in the Bumbo (and knock all the toys off the tray)…

… and on the activity mat.  It’s still one of his favorites, until he rolls off of it or to the point he’s stuck with his legs wrapped around one of the corner poles. 🙂

I love watching him kick and “pant” when he’s excited about it, much like Elise used to do.

We even got out the the exersaucer a few weeks ago… and his feet reach (unlike his sisters’ at that age)!  He absolutely loves it, but admittedly gets a bit tired after about 10-15 minutes.  I have video, but that’s for another day.

There are more (mostly terribly poor) photos in the July and August albums.  I’m feeling overwhelmingly behind though, and thought you should at least know that the boy is a playing machine.  He’s also “eating” cereal too … but again, a story for another day!