Elise & Avery’s First Camping Trip

We planned months in advance (and by “we”, in large part I mean my parents).  We counted down for weeks and weeks (and by “we”, in large part I mean my 4-year-olds who were so anxious and excited for their first camping trip that words are not adequate).  Finally, it was the last weekend in June – the big day had arrived!

In the blistering heat (you might recall weeks of record highs in the triple digits), we set up two campsites and corralled two ecstatic kids.

Eventually, Cassi took Nolan to our house to cool off, and my mom and I took Elise and Avery to Parky’s Ark to try and do the same.  Part of the way through our time at the splash area, it got incredibly dark.  It looked like rain off in the distance, but “the weather forecast was clear that it wasn’t going to rain”.  Ahh, those weather folks.

We were evacuated to the shelter as a storm barreled through, mostly comprised of wicked winds.  Phone calls to my dad to figure out if he could come get us so we could, in turn, help batten down the hatches back at the campsite were unsuccessful.  Eventually we got in touch with him, only to find out he had been quite literally hiding under his truck to avoid crashing tree branches.

We made a decision to pack up – as quickly as possible and in the pouring rain and dangerous winds (wooded lot, remember) – and did just that.

Of course, as we were leaving, it was beautiful.  If we’d have stayed, a giant tree would have smashed us all, right?  That’s what we’re choosing to believe, anyway.

We were all exhausted and incredibly bummed, but Elise and Avery handled it like champs.  We still owe them a camping and fishing trip, but our campfire at Nana and Pappy’s house a few days later will have to do for this summer!

PS – The same storm did this:

Good thing the forecast was so lovely.
And good thing we have home owner’s insurance.