Dog Days of Summer

At the end of the summer, I started to feel the crunch.  On August 21st, our lives would change forever as the girls started going to school five days a week.  No more daytime activities and free evenings.  For the first time, I’d have just one baby on errands.  (Of course, I’ve since learned that it’s still very different than having just one baby, considering I still have to buy things, think about, and get back to the first two… but I digress.)

No, instead we spend hours in the car Monday-Friday and have a few very long days when activities fall during the evening hours.  We actually understand the difference between weekdays and weekends, summer and the school year.  And let me tell you – while mostly it’s been great, going anywhere on a Saturday stinks.  But again, I digress.

Back to the end of the summer.

We had even more plans, but crammed as much in as we could – and made lots of great memories together!

Swim lessons and backyard fun

Playground exploration

Kings Island – including a few new rides!

New friends from Build-a-Bear

And a trip to the Sunflower field

I have to admit – other than the annoying drives, the time Elise and Avery are actually at school goes by rather quickly.  I didn’t shed a single tear on their first day (more on that later), and it’s been really good for all of us.  But we did enjoy the end of summer, too.

Perhaps we just enjoy life together in any season.  I think that’s probably good. 🙂