More Summer Trips

In addition to “camping”, we also went on back-to-back (home 1.5 days in between) quick trips to Tennessee and Chicago this summer!

The first, I took the kids and left Kyle at home, to join my mom, dad and sister in Pigeon Forge.  It was super short trip (and made shorter with Elise having a nasty stomach bug the second morning and whole way home), but not too short for a hike, some swimming, and a bit of sight-seeing.

Just a day or two later, the 5 of us went to Chicago – finally!  It had been years, and that’s years too long, if you ask Kyle and me.  This trip included very literally our new favorite hotel (and we’ve stayed in many), Swissotel Chicago.  It included Avery’s one millionth nosebleed when she slammed her face on the concrete at dinner on Navy Pier.  There was a poorly timed boat tour (staring into the sun), an overdue (and much enjoyed) ride on the ferris wheel, and dinner at 9:30pm with friends – holding three sleeping children while eating.  We went swimming, spent some time at the zoo, and did a lot of walking.  We ran out of time to go to the beach but did go shopping, got some Garrett’s popcorn, and played in fountains, in between leftover vomiting from the aforementioned stomach bug.  And we fell in love with the city even more, which we didn’t think possible.

There are lots more fun pictures, but I’m not going to upload them to Picasa right now.  I’m in the process of moving everything (16,000+ pictures) to a different host – one that doesn’t shrink the photos and turn them into the crappiest quality I’ve ever seen.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long, honestly, but it means it’ll be a little while before I’m uploading the most recent stuff.  And yes, I’m aware that means very little when I’m not updating the blog or albums much lately anyway. 😉
What can I say, we’re busy having fun!  And for three of us, busy growing too quickly…