"Back" to School Party & Orientation

Since my first year (and likely earlier), CHCA has had a “Back to School” party for each class, to reacquaint and/or meet the kids in your grade before the school year begins.  Apparently, the Soaring Start preschool – at least in 2012 – is no exception.

A few weekends before school started, all the kids in the girls’ class were invited to a party at a local park.  They met their teacher, Mrs. Dowling, and played together for a few sweltering hours.  It turns out, there are only about three students of 16 that are not from the 3-year-old class last year, two of which are obviously mine.  Still, the girls had no trouble jumping in and playing with everyone, participating in the activities and having a great time.

Before we were even out of the parking lot, Avery said, “I really miss my teacher.  I wish it wasn’t going to be so long before my real first day of school!” 🙂

Likewise, they ease the littlest Eagles in prior to said “real first day”, by having an orientation the day before.  Kyle and I both went with them to their classroom at our family’s scheduled time, where we got to check out all of the centers and activities and even do a fun scavenger hunt!  By the time we left – entirely too quickly for my daughters’ liking – they were more than ready to start the following day!