School Update

So when I picked the girls up after their first day, this is how I was greeted:

They were so devastated that some kids got to stay for lunch, and it was already time for them to go home.

Now we’re 2.5 months in, and how do they feel?  Not that different.  They’re used to the schedule and there aren’t many surprises there, but they do still love it.  Tomorrow is a random Friday off, and they are admittedly happy because they miss me during school (aww) – but they are generally pleased with the 5-days-on and 2-days-off kind of schedule.  Good thing since they have over a decade of it left, right? 🙂

Showing off their “Peaceful, Loving & Kind” badges

I get to help in their room every other Wednesday, and it’s so wonderful to be a part of something so special.  I get to attend chapel with their class, get to know the kids, and see how the girls are doing.  I love, love, love it.  On the other days, they have music, science, library, art and spanish.  They’ve done so many fun art projects, learned so many new things, and made new friends.  Admittedly, even at this school the actual curriculum goals are… well, old hat.  But the head of schools and a sweet custodian greet the kids by name every morning, rain or shine.  The teachers and faculty care deeply about the kids and their families.  I can’t imagine my family being anywhere else.