Seven Months!

So… Nolan?

He’s super silly.

And super mobile.

He’s also seven months old.  Seven!

Here are some things he’s into (other than, you know, everything)….

  • Size 2 diapers and 6M clothes still fit perfectly (Interestingly, I just read that my teensy girls were squarely in 3M clothes still.  Hehe!)
  • Food. is. Awesome.  No, seriously.  That often all he seems to think, to a fault.  He’s a piddly milk drinker for at least one or two bottles a day, but is still getting “enough”… and is obviously growing well still!  He’s an old pro at self-feeding puffs and Baby Num Nums (rice crackers, essentially), but we haven’t done much else with finger foods.  It’s especially hard when we’re out, because we don’t know how anything is cooked.  Hs is, however, onto exciting combinations of baby food – and enjoys every bit of it.
  • We introduced the sippy cup at some point in the last month or so… and he likes to chew on it.  That’s pretty much all Elise did for a while too, so I suppose he’ll get the hang of it eventually!  Admittedly we’ve only tried a handful of times, and only one variety – so he hasn’t had nearly the chance to master it.  Neglected third child and all… :/
  • Also like his oldest sister, Nolan decided to skip directly to the “full” crawl.  The child never once did a scoot, an army crawl, anything.  Just got up on all fours one day, and within a few days thought through and methodically figured out a picture-perfect crawl.  He’s not terribly fast yet, but that doesn’t stop him from getting anywhere and everywhere he wants!  He’s also shockingly good at getting to a sitting position from lying, crawling, wherever – which is pretty impressive at this point.  
  • He is, just in the last few days, growing increasingly interested in pulling up.  He pulls to a kneel on any flat surface (wall, etc) but pulled himself entirely to a stand in his crib today… and therefore is napping in his pack n play until we can change the settings.  He’s so much taller than the girls were at this age, he absolutely would flip over the rail in a second!
  • Gross motor skills are apparently his focus-of-the-month, but he hasn’t entirely discounted other development.  He has added a few more consonants (namely, “Dadadadada”!) and talks quite a bit, when he can get a word in!
  • No teeth still, but not for lack of “trying”.  Sheesh.
  • He squeals with delight when I hug him, kiss him, tickle him, and pretty much anything else I do… which pretty much makes everything right with the world.
Other than that…. I’m so sorry I don’t update.  Like, ever. *sigh*  School, and more specifically living so far away, kicks my butt.


  1. Gosh, he is handsome!