Niederman Farm

This fall, as with every fall, we spent a little time at a corn maze (etc).  Our farm of choice was Niederman again, mostly for its proximity to our house – but also because each year it gets more and more fun!

We had the place to ourselves for most of the time since it was early in the season, so we got lots of time with the (best) swing (in the world), sandbox, duck races, petting zoo, and all the other fun activities they offer.

Being not-pregnant this year, I even got to play on the giant bouncy pillow with the girls!

Nolan enjoyed watching his sisters, taking in the sights, and generally looking as cute as ever.

We went on a hayride, and eventually spent about 4 seconds in the corn maze – which was initially everyone’s excitement about the visit to begin with.  C’est la vie!  We had a great time, and that’s all that mattered 🙂

More photos on the yet-to-be-shared new photo site.  Soon!  Sorry 🙂