An Unwelcome, Unofficial Diagnosis

As suspected Nolan is, in Dr. Matt’s words, “going the way of Elise – though thankfully, with seemingly less severity”.  He has once again started with bronchospasms and coughing fits requiring albuterol, and though ones this little cannot be given a diagnosis of asthma, it seems he might follow in his biggest sister’s footsteps.

The good news is, as was said, he is at least currently doing so with much less severity.  Goodness knows that’s not hard, considering she’d go from healthy as a horse to hospital-worthy breathing problems faster than any of the doctors then in Kyle’s practice had seen, but I digress.  A more important “benchmark”, perhaps, and more comforting to me is that he’s been sick pretty much all but a week or two since September 7th, and he’s only required this kind of intervention twice.  Elise used to hear someone in her vicinity sniffle and decline super rapidly.

The thought process today was to work through three options – wait and see, begin pulmicort for prevention, or continue albuterol as needed and try a second round of antibiotics to hopefully completely kick all the snot, etc that is triggering the current exacerbation.  Because of the characteristic of the respiratory stuff and a bit of junk going on in one ear, Matt suggested the third option for now.  It’s relatively safe to assume that my sweet boy may require daily steroid nebs at some point in the future, but not yet.

He’s also still a peanut, now at the 3rd percentile weighing in at just over 16 pounds.  He continues developing appropriately and eating well though, so no concerns.

And I have to add, that even sick?  He’s such a cool kid.