Two-thirds of Nolan’s first year has passed!  Despite my previous lamenting about his lack of activity (still true), he seems to be doing just fine thus far. 🙂

Physically, he is actually ahead of the girls – at least in confidence, if not skill set.  At seven months he crawled more confidently (and “correctly”, if such a thing mattered) than they did at 8, and he’s never really worked himself up about what he can and can’t do – he just goes for what he wants.  He doesn’t hesitate now to pull to a stand (and get back down, most of the time), never paused in trying to figure out how to get to a crawling position from sitting and back to a sit when he got where he was going.  I remember at this age Elise or Avery would get to their knees (and subsequently their feet) and lose their minds about what to do next.  Silly girls!

He has figured out the “object permanence” thing pretty solidly, as evidenced by his ruthless search for my necklace when it’s covered by a shirt collar or not on at all.  And as evidenced by his increasing separation anxiety…

I’m still a little sad that he’s missing out on some foods, but was thrilled to find “yogurt melts” (like the Gerber ones) made from rice milk.  He seems to tolerate them well, though he seems to find them rather disgusting.  Still, he felt the same way about puffs, and now it’s about the only thing he wants while on a bit of a hunger strike.  He’s gotten a few bites of other things (bread, mashed potatoes, fruit, etc) that we assume either won’t have milk or soy – the benefit of having non-anaphylactic reactions! – or will have such a small amount in the bites he’s getting that he won’t suffer colitis or similar.  So while his big sisters had had wagon wheels and cheese puffs and cookies and toast and all sorts of other fun, messy, delicious treats, I don’t think he knows or cares what he’s missing.

He has discovered a few new “voices”, most notably a squeal/scream thing he does no fewer than 300 times a day.  Honestly, it’s adorable.  I suppose it could be annoying to some, but the passersby in public also seem to find it more cute and less obnoxious.  For now. 😉

He still lives to watch and emulate Kyle and me or his big sisters, and just lights up when, well, just about any time he sees any of us.  Doing anything.  Everyone that sees him for more than a minute has seen his gigantic, heart-melting smile and many ask if he ever cries, to which I reply, “Absolutely.”  He rarely fusses, but like Avery, he is sweet and happy 80% of the time – and the-world-is-ending ticked the other 20%.

We were just looking at some pictures that came up as a TV screen saver and were reminded how hard a time we (Avery and I, mostly) had processing that a little boy would be joining our family instead of a third girl.

I think we’ll keep him.  Forever and ever.