Oh, hey…

… did you know we went to Disney World in September?  Remember that?  Maybe I’ll start sharing some stuff from that trip.  It was, after all, the first in over a year and our son’s very first time ever.  No big deal.

By the way, months ago – and I think I’ve mentioned this around here – I spent countless hours transferring all of our photos to a different site than picasa.  The whole change began when looking for a place that didn’t turn my images (especially portraits I put a lot of work into) into totally crap quality pictures, and ended up with a setup and a page I really love.  So from now on, you should check out our pictures at my zenfolio site.  This is the direct link to “Family Snapshots”, which is all of our day-to-day stuff.  And our Disney World trips, even if months late.

password: chateaukaufman

You should only have to enter the password once to enter the whole “Family Snaps” section, not for each album.  Let me know if this is not the case.  And yes, unfortunately, there are probably recent pictures uploaded that you haven’t yet seen.  Hope you have nothing else going on this busy holiday season 😉

Stay tuned!