WDW: October 6

Our last day had arrived, but at least we still had a little while!  We finished packing and got our luggage (and ourselves) checked into the airline, and headed to Epcot by about 8:45.  It was absolutely packed again!  Once again we prepped Elise and Avery for not doing much, but it wasn’t really necessary.  They really get Disney World, and take in the atmosphere as much as the attractions – even if they’re too young to verbalize that.

We waited about 15 minutes at Character Connection to say one last hello to Mickey and friends.

Next we headed to Living with the Land, and checked Avery’s height for Soarin.  At this point she was fine (without question, says the CM), but the real test would be when our Fastpass return time rolled around.  We had debated whether to try again or just let it go with just one heartbreak, and thought we would try our best to prepare them, knowing it might not work, and see what happened.

Next, each girl wanted a different “last ride”, so Avery, Nolan, and Kyle went on “Figment” while Elise and I rode “Nemo”.  We met back up at Club Cool for one more round of Little Girl Pop, and got lunch at Sunshine Seasons.  Then finally, it was time.

…And I’m so glad we went with our gut, as the girls came out of Soarin beaming that they got to ride again! 🙂

We didn’t get to have our now-traditional Mickey Bar by the fountain because Soarin took us up to our last available minute, but it was well worth it.  We headed to the airport and got settled in, nobody quite ready to leave.  Because I had tried to be conservative in negotiating the car rental extension, we had more time to kill at the airport than we would have preferred.  The girls lucked out though, because they ran into one last character.

Boarding was smooth, as was the first leg of the flight.  And then the rest of the night wasn’t.  Lost stroller, screaming baby the second leg (how many flights we’ve been on, and have never had “that kid”? *sigh*), no dinner, etc.  It stunk.

But we made it to Columbus, eventually our stroller was tracked down, we got McDonald’s at 9:30pm and were all in bed just after 11.  Not awful, but we’d definitely sleep well – dreaming of our next trip!