Adventure Bear

In Mrs. Dowling’s 4-year-old preschool class, the kids all look forward to their turn with a variety of take-home activities.  There is the “All About Me” suitcase, which they fill with items and pictures to share with the class.  There’s the Writing suitcase, where there are fun pencils and erasers and paper and letter cards and they get to write whatever they want for the week to practice their skills.  Today, Elise was the class weather reporter, after looking at today’s forecast to fill out the “guess”.  She even got to talk into a pink microphone!  Avery can’t wait for her turn, and – in a move that surprises none of us – announced that she thinks she will choose the pink microphone instead of the green one, too.

The most desirable of the activities, though, includes a friend.  A well-loved, well-worn friend named Adventure Bear.  Akin to Flat Stanley, Adventure Bear accompanies families on, well, adventures of course – and the kids fill a notebook with their explorations.  And lots of stickers.

We had so much fun looking at the rest of the classmates’ adventures, that Elise and Avery might have enjoyed that as much as actually spending time with their new tagalong.  But probably not more than the stickers. 🙂

Coloring with Avery at Red Robin

Playing Dress-Up

Visiting the Zoo

Decorating the Christmas tree

Picnicking with Elise at CHCA’s Homecoming Weekend

Picking out a pumpkin

Meeting a new friend, Duffy

Eating out for Avery’s mommy’s birthday

Checking out the Festival of Lights

Coloring with Elise

Reading a bedtime story

We sure do love Mrs. Dowling’s class, and are so thankful not just for these fun activities – but most importantly, for how much she loves our sweet girls.


  1. I have the same bear, mine was the last bear my dad added to my collection. It came from Lands’ End and mine is Raymond the Rugby Bear, named after dad.

    It is so cool to see the girls having all those fun activities with another well loved rugby bear like mine. 🙂

  2. Suzanne, that’s so neat! Thank you for sharing 🙂