Halloween 2012

Just before Halloween (last year, now) we took the kids once again to Lakota Hills for their harvest party.  That night, we had a Belle, a Rapunzel, and a sweet little Dinosaur in tow.

The bigger kids played games, decorated cookies, went on a hayride and ate s’mores.

The littlest one crawled around a bit, and smiled at people.  As he tends to do.

Then when Halloween day actually rolled around, the forecast was miserable – temperatures barely out of the 30’s, and rainy with strong winds.  (By the way – as I write this now, in January, it’s supposed to be almost 70 tomorrow.  What in the world?)  We knew that the girls would be miserable (as would we – but we can deal with it better), and that the night would pretty much be a bust… so instead?

Chuck E. Cheese in costume (at least 2/5 of us).  Why not?!

We all had a blast, enjoyed dinner together, and stayed warm and dry.

And there was plenty of candy waiting for us at home, too – strategically selected to include only our favorites.

I don’t know that it’s going to become a tradition, but it sure beat schlepping around in a pre-wintery mess!