Congratulations, Cassi and Grant!

This is another overdue post… but at least it’s coming closer to the engagement date than the wedding date?  Small victories.

On November 18th, my sister’s then-just-boyfriend had planned an elaborate proposal event and had asked many friends and family members to help make it happen.  A couple dozen of us arrived below the Roebling on the Kentucky side while the two of them went on an unassuming date.

Despite having a complete “run-through” just 48 hours before, it turned out that the side of the bridge on which everything was set up was now closed to pedestrians – so there was a bit of a change of plans, but thankfully a photographer and liaison on top was in touch with one below the bridge.  Other than a parade of signs and a rat sighting, all was quickly back on track.

As they had done many times before, they walked the length of the bridge after dinner, from Ohio to Kentucky and back.  This time when about halfway back, though, Grant pointed Cassi in the direction of this:

She said yes, they came and shared celebratory cupcakes with us, and wedding planning is now in full swing!

I also got the pleasure of hanging out with them for an engagement shoot.  Despite freezing temps, we had fun!  Here are a couple of my favorites.  The rest are here.

And now I’d really love to say some wonderful stuff about how much we like Grant, how instantly he felt like part of our family, how perfect he and Cassi are for one another, etc…. but I can’t really do that.

I have to save it for the toast. 🙂


  1. 🙂 This makes me super happy!

    Also, even though you can’t say anything until the toast, just that little bit was very sweet – I’m pretty glad he’s around. 😉 <3