CHCA Christmas Program and Daddy-Daughter Dance

While we’ve been singing the praises of Avery and Elise’s first year of school, there are two more events from 2012 especially worth sharing.  The first is their Preschool and Kindergarten Christmas Concert, which was so beautiful and entertaining.  The kids had all worked very hard all year in music, and were very prepared for their selection of songs.  I’ll have video for you whenever I get to that particular folder (sigh – soon?), but you’ll just have to take these pictures as a sneak peek!

The event of the year though, or what should be ordinarily, was the Daddy-Daughter Dance.  Unfortunately it fell right in the middle of a couple of weeks of illness for us.  Elise had missed the first few days of school that week, but had been fever- and vomit-free for 36 hours by Thursday, and got to go to school on Thursday and Friday.  Friday night at the dance she was certainly not herself, hardly participating and eating absolutely nothing.  She ended up throwing up again as soon as she got home, but thankfully, to hear her tell the story she still had fun.  Avery had a blast all-around.

We met Kyle at my parents house in Mason, where he gave each girl a corsage.

The dance was at the Manor House, and included a pasta bar and desserts, a DJ – and many of the girls friends.  They were all so sweet the week of the dance, anticipating the fun they’d have together.  I can’t wait to see this tradition come around every year!