Nolan at 10-Months

Another month has come and gone! This weekend, amidst selling our house (pending various contingencies), we realized our baby boy is just two months from the big First Birthday! Time flies.

The day or two after his 9-month birthday, his first tooth finally popped through on the bottom. Yesterday, he got 3 more “holes” where others are working up out of nowhere, and he’s absolutely miserable. It’s odd, considering he’s he most chill baby ever.

As an update from the last post, he seems to be on the mend (again) from an illness standpoint. We feel like we aren’t totally out of the woods with the last round, the atelectasis, etc because he didn’t respond as completely and quickly to the oral steroids as expected, but as of right now he’s doing great on just the Pulmicort – not even requiring albuterol the last several days!

He’s still a peanut, back down to 16lb 11oz at his last appointment. He’s got a lot of catching up to do to triple his birth weight by 1-year! 😉 He’s still doing beautifully developmentally though, so no major worries.

His favorite pastimes include pulling out all of the girls’ musical instruments and banging them on the glass table, cruising along the landing with the help of the banister, and attempting to bolt headfirst off of steps, furniture, etc without a second thought. I think he’s all boy!

He still gives wonderful kisses freely, but only on his timetable. I begged for them for days with no success, and got 4 unsolicited this morning. I’ll take ’em.

We use mostly Size 3 diapers finally, and 6-12 month clothes. Nine month clothes are still pretty big, but he’s too long for 6-month outfits (again, “finally”).

He’s still cute, still generally awesome, and we all love him so! Happy 10-moths-and-2-days, Nolan!