Christmas 2012

You know, at this point it feels a little futile to catch up in detail on a holiday that was months ago.  Christmas, I’m sure, was great.  We spent a few days in Ottawa just before, and had Christmas morning here with just Kyle, the kids and me as is always our goal.  Later on Christmas day we spent time with my side of the family.  It was a lot of fun, but if it’s ok, I’m just going to share some pictorial highlights.

And if it’s not ok, then you’ll be completely in the dark I suppose, since that’s probably all that will happen.  There are a lot of pictures here, and even more in the December Zenfolio album.  Merry belated Christmas?  Now that it’s almost Spring? 🙂

“I don’t like this book very much. It needs pictures.”

One year later, Leappads still going strong!

My sweet girl got food a wicked case of food poisoning! Thankfully she was back up in about 4 hours, but it was sure rough!

Much-anticipated Hot Chocolate w/Marshmallows & Candy Canes

The first kisses for Woody!

Nolan’s favorite Christmas pasttime